General Questions

How do I pick a guest ranch?

Easy pick Three Bars, you can't go wrong.

Where did the name Three Bars come from?

Three vertical bars on the right side is our cattle brand that is where Three Bars got its name. The brand was one of the first 10 registered brands in British Columbia.

How old is Three Bars?

The Ranch was homesteaded back in the 30's. Three Bars Guest Ranch opened in 1991.

Do I have to ride to come to Three Bars?

No, many of our guests opt out of the riding program. There are plenty of other activates to keep you busy.

Do I have to have a car while I am at the ranch?

No, for the most part there is no reason you will need a car while at the ranch, unless you wish to golf or go to town.

How many staff will be at the ranch?

In high season there will be approx 30 staff to 40 guests.

When is the fishing the best?

Fishing in the St. Mary's river opens June 20th. The best time to fish is mid July, August and September. The fishing in early July can sometimes be good depending on high water.

Are there mosquitoes and bugs at the ranch?

No, we are very lucky, we have almost no mosquitoes and no black flies.

Will my cell phone work at the ranch?

Unfortunately yes, most cell phones work at the ranch.

Can I get online?

Yes, the entire facility is wireless. There is also a computer provided in the lodge for business.

What will the weather be like?

For the most part May through October is very nice at the ranch. The hottest months are June, July and August were temperatures range forom 25-35C (80-90F) during the day and cooling off in the evening. Cranbrook gets more days of sunshine days that anywhere else in Canada.

Where do most of your guest come from?

Three Bars has guest from around the world. A large percentage of our guest comes from Canada, US, and the UK.

How many other guest will be at the ranch?

Typically during the months of July and August we are full with a total of 40 guests.

Is Three Bars suitable if I don't have kids?

Absolutely, we have a limited number of family cabins that are booked by families; our typical week has at least half the guests are couples and singles.

Can the kitchen accommodate special food requirements?

Yes, with some notice the kitchen can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and most all food allergies.

Will we get enough to eat?

Yes, the ranch serves 3 meals per day often buffet style, between meals there is always fresh fruit and ice water available.


Do I need previous experience for the activities?

No, we will teach you how to do anything we do here at the ranch. No previous experience is required.

Do I need to pre-register for activities?

No, at breakfast you decide what you want to join in on for the morning and at lunch you pick your afternoon activity.

Do you have fly fishing equipment I can borrow?


Will the fishing guide come to the ranch to pick me up?

Yes, the guides will pick you up after breakfast at the lodge and have you back in time for dinner at the lodge

Why are some of the activities not in the schedule?

Because there is so much happening every day at the ranch, some activities just have to be run whenever we have an opportunity.

Is the schedule flexible?

Yes and no, to get everything in one week we have to keep things moving. But we do adjust the schedule for weather and special events.

Do I have to do all the activities?

NO, these are just options. While at the ranch you can do as much or as little as you like. It is your vacation.

When can I use the Mountain Bikes?

The bikes along with the other equipment are available to ranch guest at any time.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, the pool is above 80

What class water is the rafting?

Class 2 - 3 is what we float

Kids Program

Do you have a kids program?

Yes, we have a family program. Our program is designed for so that kids age 6 and up are welcome on all of our activities.
If mom and dad decide to ride with the adults we are happy to take the kids on a kids ride.

Can the kids ride with other kids?

Yes, kid's rides are always an option. Typically families ride together for the first ride or two, then the kids ditch their parents and ride with the other kids.

Are kid's rides different than the other ride?

Kid's rides are designed for kids, it is not as much fun riding to a pretty view for kids, they tend to be more interested in an adventure. The Kid's rides often find themselves building fort, chasing frogs or trying to dam up Perry Creek. You can usually hear the kid's rides laughing and singing before they get to the barns.

What if my child has never ridden before?

Allot of the kids that stay at three bars have never ridden before. It is something that most kids pick up naturally.

Will there be other kids at the ranch?

In July and Aug we have kids in most age groups, since children must be 6 years old to be in the riding program we typically have several kids between 6-12.

Can we ride as a family?

Yes, family rides are always an option. And parents are welcome to go along on the kids rides if they wish.

Is there a TV for the kids?

There is a big screen TV in the lodge that is available and is the most unused TV in North America. Your kids will be so busy they will not have time to watch TV.

What will the kids do during the evening?

There is an activity every night after dinner in the lodge yard area from campfires to volleyball games.

Can the kids go into the petting zoo?

Yes, the kids are welcome to visit with the petting zoo animals

Can the kids play tennis?


Riding Program

Can I ride every day?

Yes, you can ride every morning and every afternoon.

How long do you ride?

We have rides that go for as short a time as one hour to three hours, you get to decide how long you wish to go.

What if I have never ridden before?

One third of our guests have never been on a horse before. All of the Wranglers are trained instructors and will help you as much as you need. We teach hundreds of people to ride every summer. We strive to suit riders to a horse that will match their ability level. Riding is something we all do here at the ranch and we wish to share this experience with our guests.

I am traveling without kids, do you offer adult rides?

Yes, we offer adult only rides.

Do I get my own horse?

Every riding guest at the ranch will get their own horse for the week. He will be ready for you every morning, and you will be the only person to ride him for the week.

What if I don't like my horse?

Typically we are very good at matching people to horses, if the match is not a fit we will find another horse that better suits your ability and personality.

Can I go on a ride without a guide?

The country we ride in is vast with a large number of trails, we find our guests enjoy the time they spend with their wrangler guide. For your safety and the horse's safety all of the rides are guided.

How many people are on a ride?

We keep our rides as small as possible. Most rides will have 4-6 guests and one wrangler. Rides never exceed 8 guests.

Do you have a weight limit?

No, we do not have weight limit, if you are concerned call us and we'll discuss it with you.

Can I go on fast rides?

Yes, after you have rode with us for 1 full day, or 2 half day rides and your ability so allows.

I don't own cowboy boots do I need them?

Yes, but the ranch does rent cowboy boots.

Do the rides go and chase cows?

Three Bars is a working ranch and home to over 150 mother cows. The cattle spend the summer grazing on open pasture, pastures range in size for 10,000, acres to 40,000 acres. Because they are in such large pastures the only need to be moved ever 4-6 weeks. If we are moving cows while you are here, there while be opportunities to go along. We do not move our cattle just for the sake of moving them.

Are helmets required to ride?

No, we do not require or provide helmets, you are welcome to bring a helmet and ride in it if you feel safer.

Memberships and Associations

What is the Dude Ranchers Association?

The DRA is made up of the top 100 guest ranches in North America. The Dude Ranchers' Association, was formed in 1926 to preserve this special way of life and the wonderful environment in which it takes place. Membership in the Association is not automatic. Dude ranches applying for membership go through a rigorous two year inspection and approval process. Three Bars Guest Ranch is one of only 3 Canadian approved ranches.www.duderanch.org

What is the B.C. Guest Ranch Association?

The BCGRA represents the best guest ranches in British Columbia. Tyler Beckley is currently the president of the BCGRA.www.bcguestranches.com